Influence of Rate of Albumin Serum to The Duration of Surgery Wound

Rabu, 2008 Agustus 27

Authors : Agung Maryanto, MD, FInaCS, Hendro Wartatmo, MD, FInaCS

Abstract :

Background : Step of wound healing need protein as basis for the happening of collagen network. Although many other of elements also influence of wound healing, but protein more important in step of wound healing. Research concerning hipoalbuminemia with wound healing have been conducted by Dickaut and kith in the year 1984.
Target of Research : To know correlation between level of albumin serum with the duration of surgery wound healing.
Materials and Methods: All patient with clean operation and clean contaminated operation in RSUP Dr. Sardjito, amount of expected sample 61 people. All of gathered data then divided into 2 group that are; with the level of albumin serum <>3gr/dl. Patient followed post operatively for developing of wound healing by clinical assessment seven days after the operation. Data would be analysed by cross tab analysis (Chi Square).
Result : From the gathered data we colected 61 patients. 30 patients was a man and 31 patients was a woman. Level of albumin serum was between 2.6 g/dl to 4,80 gr/dl with the mean was 3,33 gr/dl. Data was analysed by cross tab analysis (chi square) and we got correlation significant statistically between level of albumin serum with the duration of wound healing p = 0,001 (p<0,05)>
Keyword : Step of wound healing, rate of albumin serum, clean operation, clean contaminated operation.



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